5 suggestions to design your companys logo

5 Suggestions to Design your Company’s Logo

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Logo Design is an important and creative job and normally it is done by professional graphics designer. Graphics designers use different softwares to design Logos like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Logo in any Company or Organization is considered so important and essential part of the whole advertisement and identity making campaign. Companies use their logos on advertisements, billboards, letterheads, visiting cards and on other packaging material that belongs to any company.

Why Logo is Important?

Logo comes on the front of any company’s identity. It will represent a company in advertisements and on many occasions and places. The most important thing of Company’s logo is, it is a company’s representation and identity in the customer’s mind. It is not like Web Hosting for Company’s website that doesn’t appear in front of customers. Customers who visit the company’s website might never come to know that which Web Hosting is being used by this company to host their website. The point to explain is that Logo stands first when a visitor comes to the website of the company. Logo is a representation, a trademark and recognition of the business.

As introduced by Ariel, the founder of BestHostingSearch.com which is a website focusing on web hosting review business. Based on their research and observation, the well designed website and logo is the most important factor of a successful online business. Take the web hosting company InMotionHosting as an example. After InMotionHosting re-designed the company logo and website in March 2013, the conversation rate of their business had been increased by 11% for each month.

5 Suggestions to Design your Company’s Logo


Symmetry refers to the correspondence of Logo and Business. The linkage of logo with the company’s product or service is important. It doesn’t mean that if Web Hosting Company makes a logo, it should include a Server Computer in the logo; the sense of designing the logo should be coherent with the product or service. Symmetry would be the combination of right use of text, graphics, pattern and colors in the logo.

Mission’s Presentation

Company’s Logo must deliver the class and passion of the company’s mission. Every Business strategy and Company’s mission statement stand on purpose to achieve something special in order to maximize the outcome or achieve valuable returns.

Companies should keep in mind while selecting their Logo about the target market and customers base that what type of target market they have because the customer base and target market for each product and service vary from other. For example, buyer of iPhone Smart phone will be entirely different from the buyer of Nokia simple phone under $30.


Creativity has its role in the designing of a logo. There is a factor of creativity in the Logo design. It should be considered before the Logo design job that either Business owner needs that level of creativity or not?
Every customer is different, and every person has a different point of views and choices to make. Before designing a series of the logo to show to the business executives and to show them creativity, a brief idea should be given to the graphics designer about demand of quality and creativity to be seen in the logo designing.


Simplicity counts in the logo designing. Sometimes a company requires a different colorful and joyful approach with bright colors injection in the logo. It totally depends on the situation that what a designer is seeing while designing a logo.

A logo of Food Service Company would be colorful and energetic and totally different from a clothing line business logo. The touch of Simplicity should be seen where it requires, and it is the job of graphics designer to identify the need of this simplicity and the responsibility of the Business owner to accept and appreciate the fact of simplicity in the logo designed by the graphics designer.


A logo of a company should be delivering the transparent message to the target audience. People should not get into panic while seeing the logo. It must communicate a clear message to the observers. Some logos are even hard to identify and read that what is written in this logo. Complex use of fonts or mixture of graphical effects makes things complicated in the logo design so understanding of the logo plays a vital role in designing a great logo for any company.

The suggestion of keeping things clear and transparent helps any company who is looking to design its logo. Sometimes if people see the logo and they clearly read and understand the logo, it gives two benefits to the company:

Benefit No. 1

Customer easily reads the text of the logo and understands what is meant by this logo.

Benefit No. 2

Customer remembers the Logo and ultimately remembers the Company.

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