6 extremely useful wordpress plugins

6 Extremely Useful WordPress Plugins

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WordPress is among the leading open source content management systems that are used for developing different types of online portals. With more than 25,000 plugins, WordPress has made the development task easier. These plugins have varied functionality that enhances the overall performance of a website. Mentioned below are top 6 extremely useful WordPress Plugins that are a must for an online portal, have a look.

Easy2Map Photos

It is needles to explain the importance of images in a website, the point to ponder is how to use images in a more impactful manner. This is when Easy2Map Photos plugin comes handy. This plugin automatically adds geo-tags to the images that have the GPS data and thus enhances their search engine page ranking. It also inserts custom HTML and hyperlinks to the image description. Further, this respective plugin offers ease of uploading unlimited pictures to the gallery and even unlimited galleries to the website. With the help of photo-map manager it takes care of proper management of different image galleries.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

Security is the priority for every web developer and website owner. Though WordPress itself is a secure platform, but it still has some additional plugins that boost the security of the website. All In One WP Security & Firewall is one of the most effective plugins that takes care of overall soundness of an online portal. Stated below are the unique features of this WordPress plugin:

    • Easy to use and understand interface
    • User login security
    • User account security
    • Database security
    • Blacklisting of SPAM and unauthorized users
    • Firewall set up

This is a complete package that offers best in class security to the site from all the types of threats present in the cyber world.

Video Thumbnail

The name of the plugin is self explanatory. This plugin automatically displays video thumbnail that has relevance to the post published. Therefore, this is one of the most adored developer friendly WordPress Plugins. This plugin supports the following video services:

  • YouTube
  • Justin.tv
  • Metacafe
  • Vimeo
  • CollegeHumor
  • Dailymotion
  • Wistia
  • Youku
  • Blip

Further, Video Thumbnail works very smoothly with various other video embedding WordPress plugins.

WP Smart Sms Plugin

In the present scenario people have shifted from computers to laptops to tablets and finally to phones. They want everything on their finger tips and their Smart Phones helps in the same. If a website owner wishes to serve to this Smart Phone generation, then he needs to reach them through the same medium. And with WordPress’s WP Smart Sms Plugin he can easily send SMS to his dear users. It’s easy to use and the admin doesn’t need any extra configuration. So simply enter the mobile number, send SMS and stay connected.

Search Meter

As the name suggests the plugin makes the administrator aware about what readers are actually looking for in the website or blog. The Search Meter plugin prepares the list of the most searched terms in last couple of days or weeks, as per the wish of the admin. Further, it also presents the list of the terms that showed no result on the website. If the readers are not getting what they are looking for in the website, then in a fraction of minute they will switch to another site. Therefore, Search Meter is considered one of the top search engine friendly WordPress Plugins.

Plugin Garbage Collector

The Plugins Garbage Collector is one of the most useful tools of WordPress. It makes the admin aware about the leftovers of the uninstalled or deleted plugins and the cleanup is also available. With the cleaning up of database the website takes lesser time in loading and thus enjoys considerable acknowledgement from the readers.

There are various other WordPress plugins that are highly popular, but certainly the above mentioned are extremely useful. The best part is that all these plugins are very easy to install, understand and use; therefore, a developer needs not to spend much time and efforts. Further these plugins are a perfect example of WordPress customization, as they offer results as per the specifications of developer.

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