top 10 wordpress mobile themes

Top 10 WordPress Mobile Themes

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WordPress is a best open source blogging and CMS based platform. It has easy to use and it’s easy to customize options with flexibility has made it a favorite CMS. WordPress Mobile Theme is very popular and for the right reason. Mobile Phones, tables and other devices are not only use for entertainment purpose. Nowadays anyone can get information just by moving their fingers. Mobile users are growing increased more depending on their mobile devices to get their daily information. There are many mobile themes available for WordPress. Some of them are free and some of them Premium. You can select the prefect WordPress Mobile Theme among them.

1) Möbius

This is a great mobile optimized WordPress theme. Compatible with touch-screen smart phone browser. Mobius is perfect for mobile and desktop design; also, useful for entertainment, news and personal blogs.

2) Touch Mobile

Touch Mobile is template build in jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 developed for mobile devices. It has a touch screen support with swipe galleries, multiple color schemes and lots of other awesome features.

3) 1stGiantLeap Mobile Template

1stGiantLeap Mobile WordPress Template is a clean responsive theme with Valid HTML5 CSS3 markup. The theme has a truck load lot of features like Twitter integration, 5 super well organized PSD and Orientation change sensitive much more.

4) Carrington Mobile

Carrington Mobile is an impressive elegant wordpress mobile theme which supports advanced touch browsers in iPhone, Android, BlackBerry. It is also backward compatible with older mobile devices.

5) iPhonsta 1.1 WordPress Theme

iPhonsta is great mobile theme. It has created for iPhone but also it looks great under other mobile phones and devices. iPhonsta theme has a fluid structure, fits the screen and setting up font size automatically.

6) jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a template built with the amazing jQuery mobile plugin, This theme perfect for those who want to make a good looking and easily readable version of their blog. It uses most of jQuery mobile features to
assure a maximum comfort of reading on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberries or Android operating system.

7) Smooci 2

Smooci is a great looking WordPress theme for mobile phones and devices. It comes with lot of features which make WordPress on mobile to display the theme when your WordPress website is visited on mobiles.

8) WPtap News Press

WPtap News Press theme is a simple and elegant solution. It easy-to-use features to WordPress for mobile + tablet theme support. This theme is good for creating an iPhone-friendly News, Blog, and other text-centric WordPress websites.

9) iTheme 2

iTheme 2 is another great mobile theme. It has improved version of ITheme which has a responsive fluid layout which means you can use it on Desktop and mobile too. The theme is very simple. It also works with multi-touch devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

10) Foghorn

Foghorn is flexible theme for WordPress. It is very minimalist, which has perfect if your main focus is functionality and high speed load of your website. The theme is great; it’s based on Twenty Eleven so it has a strong ground.

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